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Lockdown Not Reducing COVID-19 Cases

Why Lockdown Not Reducing COVID-19 Cases?

Lockdown Not Reducing COVID-19 Cases

Why Lockdown Not Reducing COVID-19 Cases:-Coronavirus is a deadly virus that has shaken the pillars of the region and remains very energetic throughout the region. It has already appeared regularly in the United States, Spain, France, Italy and more and more countries. It is now beginning to affect India, the United States with the second largest population in the world. It turned into the fear that if Coronavirus had the same effect as other countries, 20% of India’s total population would lose their lives. India has a total population of 1.3 billion, and 40% of 1.3 billion is around 25 million, so it is terrible to think of the 55 million people who died due to an epidemic. It should destroy u completely.

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Researchers’ opinion on Coronavirus: –

Researchers have discovered that the type of virus that has affected India is relatively weak compared to viruses affecting alternative countries. The form of coronavirus affecting India is the B type, which is a weaker variant and much less deadly than the A and C type viruses. But researchers and medical examiners have discovered that there is every opportunity to try and convert this B type virus into an A or C type virus, which can certainly be disastrous for U. S .. A look at another has revealed that the climatic conditions in India occupy a large place in prosecuting the spread of this deadly coronavirus. It is known that coronaviruses require a bloodless season to survive for a long time, although in a considerable part of India, the climate is hot and hot. Therefore it restricts the rapid growth of deadly viruses. It has been observed that once the lockout was announced in India, the recorded incidents are increasing every day.

Effect of Coronavirus in India: –

Currently, India is moving into the fifth zone of lockdown, and yet the cases reported are increasing every day. This ton is a matter of concern, and there have been reports that earlier, different types of checks done every day are greatly reduced. Hence spectacular cases were recorded which were very few. Now, within the last three weeks, the number of trials has increased every day, which is why the diversity of cases recorded each day is greater. Therefore, we can say that more examination reveals more cases; Examination is the best method of U. s. In the event of this epidemic, one can understand its actual situation.

Between the lockdowns, liquor shops have been opened for two to three days, and a large number of humans have gone to all these shops. This may be a motive for growth in cases, as the virus can spread with the help of multiple folds. This is a difficult scenario for Yu. S., And it is becoming harder for miles to deal with the deadly virus. On May 17, a few hours after the fourth round of lockdown was declared, it was established that 24 hours had increased to 5567 instances, the best record spike ever.

Even after so many days of lockdown, cases continue to grow day by day.

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