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How to stop vomiting

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How to stop vomiting?

Measures to stop vomiting:- Women mostly have vomiting quickly and there are many reasons for vomiting. Such as overeating, drinking too much alcohol or getting pregnant and stomach upset disease, acidity, constipation etc..  These are the reasons why we get vomiting and mostly Girls have vomiting.

And it is very common nowadays to have vomiting in the summer season. because the body does not digest the food we eat in summer properly. Or food poisoning is also one of the reasons. If a person is having more vomiting, then there is a lack of water in his body, Ayurveda has every merge medicine.

And to stop vomiting, there are some home remedies, by which you can do the same actions and stop the vomiting. To prevent vomiting, first of all, Basil works as an Ayurvedic medicine by drinking the juice of its leaves. It stops and apart from that if you eat basil along with it then you stop vomiting and you get rid of this problem.

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Coriander and sugar can help prevent vomiting.

If you want to stop your vomiting as soon as possible. then take the juice of four five leaves of basil and mix it with honey and drink it, it will stop your vomiting and upcoming units if you feel nauseous or feel nauseous. If it is, then eating a cardamom seed stops vomiting.

And you get rest because those vomiting comes from inside our stomach. And if you eat cardamom then stomach problems like acidity and digestion of food are done properly. If you have mostly vomiting then you must take this remedy Do. As you all know that coriander is a vegetable but it is also true that it acts like an Ayurvedic medicine if you consume it.

Or grind it with any food, you will get rid of the problem of vomiting. if you take dried coriander with sugar candy also, you will get relief from vomiting. you will have vomiting, you will end up with root honey to prevent vomiting. An important medicine is to mix honey in a glass of water and drink it stops vomiting. It is also one of the very cheap and easy home remedies to stop vomiting.

Measures to stop vomiting during travel

How to stop vomiting

If you have vomiting while traveling in bus, car or any type of means, then before traveling, drink ginger tea. Apart from this, you can take some such measures like maintenance done before traveling. because of that you can chew a piece of ginger when maintained.
Because ginger destroys the bacteria present in your stomach, which prevents nausea and vomiting and your nausea also stops. If you are having a lot of vomiting, then you take cloves and a little bit of cinnamon and boil them all well in water. and when this water remains half, then filter it and cool it and drink it.

It stops immediately if you are pregnant and you are having a lot of vomiting. Then you can grind the cloves and take them to health, it will stop your vomiting. This is a very effective and simple recipe that you can easily do at home. Can be used only by pregnant women and not by anyone.

Remove all problems related to stomach

If you have high vomiting. if you have too much acidity in the stomach or you have a problem of hyper acidity. and if you are vomiting too much, then you boil rice water and drain that water and cool it. And consume that water.
If you do this, then you will get relief from vomiting. And immediately your vomiting will stop and the acidity in the stomach will also end. If you are having vomiting very frequently and repeatedly, then you should take some ice. Because the snow cools your stomach, which causes your vomiting to stop if you vomit often or you may rain or water it.

Ginger and onion give very miraculous remedy benefits for you. By mixing onion juice and ginger juice together and dissolve them in water. and consume this water and by using this water, you will soon get relief in vomiting. will get.

Ripe banana will make your stomach healthy

You can stop your vomiting even after eating ripe bananas, otherwise the banana removes your stomach problems and provides healing energy to your body and its special thing is that it also helps in stopping your blood vomiting. So you should eat ripe banana immediately.
Because ripe bananas have many antiseptic and which increases your appetite by eliminating the problem associated with your stomach. And you get fast fast fast from the vomiting that happens if you are having too much vomiting during the journey, then you run a few buds of garlic as if you will not be a bitch by the time and you will get a lot of rest.

So by taking these simple measures, you can stop vomiting. Vomiting is a common thing, due to which you can remedy the things present in the house, you can eliminate problems related to your stomach by taking some remedies and can remove many stomach-related problems, which will also stop vomiting.

And the problem of traveling like headache, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and vomiting can be easily overcome. How did you like our post to stop vomiting? Make sure to comment and share it among your friends on your Facebook profile.
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