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benefits of mango

benefits of mango

Benefits of Mango

Benefits of mango:- Have you ever thought why mango is called the king of fruits, whereas fruits are all healthy? Actually, Indian mangoes are famous all over the world for their taste. There are mainly 12 varieties of mangoes in India. Mango is used not only as a fruit but to enhance the taste of vegetables, chutneys, panas, juices, candies, pickles, khatis, shake, amavat (mango papad) and many food items.

This is an all-round fruit, otherwise in this time of inflation, there are many fruits which have left the common man’s pocket. Due to its special taste, its rich yields in the country and being economical, it is called the king of fruits. Along with all these reasons, the medicinal properties and health benefits of mangoes also make the king of this fruit:

Some interesting things about mango

Not only the taste of mango but its name also means a lot. You will be surprised to know that behind every name of mango there is a story hidden.
The scientific name of mango is Mangifera indica and in Sanskrit mango is called mango.
If we talk about mango production, then India’s name comes first in it. India is No.1 in terms of mango production.
Alphonso is one of the most expensive and popular mangoes. Alphonso is cultivated mainly in the western part of India, which includes Ratnagiri, Raigad and the Konkan region of India.
Mango has been called the national fruit of India.
More than 100 varieties of mangoes are found.
Mangoes come in many colors like green, red, yellow etc. Not only this, mangoes are also of different sizes.
If we talk about the heaviest mango, then the name of Hathijhul mango of Saharanpur comes in it. The weight of this one mango can be around three to four kilos.

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Types of Mango

Although there are more than 400 varieties of mangoes worldwide, it is not possible to tell them all. Therefore, we are referring to the most famous species of mango.

  • Mankurd and Musarad – This mango is found in Goa.
  • Banganapalli – A mango originating in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Dussehari – Mango in Lucknow and Malihabad.
  • Malda – It is cultivated in Digha, Bihar.
  • Totapuri – A mango originating in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
  • Lame – A mango grown in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Saffron – A mango originating in Saurashtra, Gujarat.
  • Jardalu – It is also common in Bihar.
  • Neelam – This mango is found in Hyderabad.
  • Badami – A mango originating in Karnataka. It is also called Alphonso of Karnataka.
  • Alphonso – originated in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.
  • Himsagar – A mango originating in West Bengal.

Benefits of Mango

benefits of mango

1. benefits of mango in Cancer prevention

Antioxidants in mangoes are beneficial in preventing colon cancer, leukemia and prostate cancer. It contains many elements such as cursed, astragalin and fisetin which are helpful in preventing cancer.

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2. benefits of mango in heat protection

In summer, if you want to get out of the house in the afternoon, drink a glass of mango emerald and leave. Neither you will get sun nor sun. Mango leaf keeps the level of water in the body balanced due to which it is the best summer drink.

3. benefits of mango to Reduce Obesity

Mango is also a good way to reduce obesity. The fibers present in mango kernels are very beneficial in reducing excess body fat. Appetite decreases after eating mangoes, reducing the risk of overeating.

4. benefits of mango to Keep the digestion right

Mango contains many enzymes that break down proteins. This causes food to be digested quickly. Also, the sirtic acid present in it, tartaric acid, keeps the alkaline elements within the body balanced.

5. benefits of mango to Boost Immunity

Eating mango also increases the body’s resistance.

6. Eyes are shiny

Mango is rich in Vitamin A, which is a boon for the eyes. This makes the eyes light.

7. beneficial for the skin

Applying a pack of mango peels or rubbing it on the face improves the face and also protects against Vitamin C infection.

8. Keeping cholesterol regular

Mango is rich in fiber and vitamin C. It helps to balance bad cholesterol.

9. Increase Sex Stamina

Vitamin E is found more in mangoes and this increases sex efficiency. It is also considered to be a fruit that enhances manhood.

10. Helps in memory

Those who have amnesia, should consume mangoes. The element, called glutamine acid, acts as a catalyst to enhance memory. Also, blood cells are also activated by this. That is why pregnant women are advised to eat mangoes.

11. Benefits of mango for diabetes

Diabetes patients avoided eating many things. In particular, they are confused about mangoes whether they eat it or not, then we clear this confusion. Mangoes can be consumed to some extent in diabetes. Obese people are at higher risk of diabetes. Studies on 20 obese adults have shown that a fresh intake of half a mango for 12 weeks reduces blood sugar levels. According to the researchers, mango contains fiber and mangafinin. Not only this, another study has proved that mango peel extracts have antidiabetic properties.

In addition, the risk of type 2 diabetes may also be reduced in obese people, as it has anti-diabetic properties, which improve blood sugar levels. Not only this, people who have type 2 diabetes can also reduce their risk of high cholesterol.

12. Benefits of eating mango for heart

Heart healthy, you healthy. People take special care to eat to keep the heart healthy. If you include seasonal fruit mango in your diet, then the heart can be healthy. Consumption of mangoes can also reduce the risk of heart disease. The nutrients in it can help keep the heart healthy. Therefore, do not forget to consume it during mango season.

13. General benefits for the brain

If you see the benefits of eating mango, then mango helps in keeping the mind sharp as well as strengthening the memory. The bioactive component present in mango keeps the brain healthy. In addition, a study conducted in Greater Noida, India, has proved that mango extract contains certain things that speed up memory. At the same time, mango has been confirmed to have neuroprotective properties in another study in Thailand.

14. Benefits of mango for digestion

Consuming mangoes also relieves digestive problems. It has a laxative meaning to clean the stomach. Even this eliminates the problem of constipation. When there is no problem of constipation, then digestive power will also improve. Also, mango is a good source of fiber, for this reason digestive power is also improved.

15. Benefits of mango for blood pressure

If you talk about high blood pressure, then mango intake can be very beneficial. High blood pressure increases the risk of heart problems.
In such a situation, if mango is consumed, it can be very beneficial.
Therefore, if you want to avoid the risk of blood pressure, then do consume it during mango season.

16. Benefits of Mango for Kidney Stone

Consumption of mangoes can also be beneficial to prevent kidney stones. Mango is rich in vitamin B6.
According to an American study, this vitamin can reduce oxalate stones . If you have a high level of oxalate in your body, more oxalate in combination with calcium can cause kidney stones.

17. Benefits of mangoes for diarrhea

It may surprise some people that the consumption of mangoes in diarrhea can be beneficial. Many times people refuse to eat mangoes during this time, because it is hot. At the same time, if you consume mango on the advice of a doctor, then you can benefit. Mango and mango seeds have anti-diarrheal properties . In addition, not only fruits, but mango leaves can also be beneficial. Mango leaves are rich in tannins and can be dried and eaten to treat diarrhea. Not only this, in some parts of the Caribbean Islands, decoction of mango leaves is used to treat diarrhea.

18. Benefits of eating mangoes during pregnancy

Consuming mangoes during pregnancy can also be beneficial. A pregnant woman is in great need of nutritious and nutritious food, especially vitamin A. In this case, mango consumption can be beneficial, as mango is rich in vitamin A. However, consume it only in balanced quantities, because its high intake can increase the risk of gestational diabetes.

19. Benefits of mango to lose weight

Nowadays obesity or increasing weight is the problem of every other person. In this case, if you pay attention to the right diet along with exercise and yoga, it can get rid of it. You can include mango in your diet for weight loss. Not just mangoes, according to one study, mango rind can also be helpful. In addition, mango contains fiber, which greatly helps in weight loss. A study at the University of Minnesota proved that dietary fiber intake in fruits and vegetables can significantly help in weight loss. Therefore, be sure to include mangoes in your diet.

20. Benefits of Mango for Bones

If bones are to be kept healthy, it is necessary to consume mangoes. Mango contains vitamins A and C. It also contains calcium, which helps to keep bones strong and healthy. Not only this, mango also contains a compound called Lupol, which can protect against inflammation and arthritis.

21. Benefits of mangoes for asthma or asthma

Asthma patients can also consume mangoes. Mango has anti-asthmatic properties, due to which it may be beneficial for asthma patients. Not only mangoes, but also its kernels can be beneficial for asthma. People who have an allergy problem or who are allergic to any particular fruit or food should take mango only after asking the doctor.

22. Benefits of mangoes in anemia

Lack of proper diet and lack of essential nutrients in the body can cause blood loss. Consuming mangoes in this situation can be beneficial. Not only mangoes, but mango flowers can also be very beneficial in anemia. Mango is rich in many nutritional elements. Vitamin C present in mangoes can help in the absorption of iron in the body and can help in relieving the problem of anemia.

23. Common benefits for skin

It is important to take care of the body as well as the skin during this run-time. However, due to lack of care and pollution, the skin starts losing its luster. In this situation, consuming fruits especially mangoes can be beneficial. During a Korean study in 2013, it was found that mango extracts showed positive effects on the damaged skin of mice due to the sun’s harmful rays (UVB).
Mango is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin-A, and according to a German study, these carotenoids may help make the skin healthy. Beta-carotene is also a photoprotective agent, which protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. In addition, according to a Chinese study, polyphenols present in mangoes exhibit anticancer activity, which can prevent skin cancer.

Contained in it, Vitamin-A protects the skin from being oily. So, if you are troubled by nail pimples, then you can include mango in your diet. Also, vitamin A in mango makes the skin healthy and can reduce the early signs of wrinkles. Therefore, if you want to improve the skin and keep the glow, then mangoes should be consumed in summer.

24. Benefits of mangoes for thyroid

Mango can also be consumed to correct thyroid problems. Indeed, the use of a mixture of mango, melon and melon peels balances thyroid hormones and can relieve the thyroid problem to some extent. You can find a powder of the mixture of these three peels in the market.
9. Benefits of mango for drug addiction
Partying with friends or partying with office colleagues and consuming alcohol has become common nowadays. There is no doubt that the consumption of alcohol is harmful to health. Then if you drink alcohol, you usually resort to lemonade to remove its hangover. You can also consume mangoes instead of lemonade. Mango or mango peel may help to cure hangovers.

25. Common benefits for hair

Along with the skin, beauty of hair is also important. If the hair is long but not healthy, then there is no use. To make hair healthy, not only shampoos, conditioners and oils, but also the right diet is necessary. You can take mangoes to make hair beautiful and shiny. Mango contains abundant vitamin-C, which promotes collagen production and helps to make hair healthier. Apart from this, mango also has many nutritious ingredients, which can make hair thick and shiny.

26. Common Benefits for Liver

Liver problems may also occur in stomach problems. In this situation, it is very important to take care of food and drink. In this case, by talking to a doctor, you can include mango in your diet. Mango has hepatoprotective properties, due to which it can help to keep the liver healthy.

27. Benefits of mangoes to prevent malaria

Malaria is a serious disease spread by mosquitoes. If this is not taken care of in time, it may threaten the patient’s life. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to its rescue. However, if someone has got malaria, then mango can also be consumed by taking the advice of a doctor, along with treatment from a doctor. Mango, known as the king of fruits, can also help relieve a deadly disease like malaria. Mango has anti-malarial properties, which can help relieve malaria. However, many people may also have stomach problems during malaria. In such a situation, eat mangoes under the supervision of doctors, because doctors can tell you what amount of mangoes you should eat.

28. Mangoes have anti-ulcer properties

Many types of stomach problems are caused by the wrong food and ulcers are one of them. Loss of appetite and abdominal pain are its symptoms. In such a situation, intake of mango along with doctor’s advice and medicines can also be beneficial. Mango has anti-ulcer properties, which can relieve the ulcer problem. Mango polyphenolic can help reduce inflammation.
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