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weight according to height

weight according to height

Know how much your weight should be according to the height.

weight according to height:-Due to the run-of-the-mill life and changing lifestyles, nowadays people either remain overweight or underweight too much. In a stressed lifestyle, we do not notice these things, but when time passes, a lot of things bother us.

Due to today’s work culture and fast food eating habits, keeping the body healthy and fit has become a challenge and a much more difficult task. Nowadays people do not know what to do to keep the body healthy. Some make changes in food, some exercise and some are busy changing their routine life, but after a few days we come back to the same chart from where we started.

Know the need first:

weight according to height

Before losing weight, it is very important to know whether you need to lose weight. Losing weight usually depends on the height of your body and your age. Before managing your body weight, make a note that do you really need to lose weight? What should be our weight according to body length? This is a common question that remains in everyone’s mind at some point or the other. So today we are going to tell you how much your weight should be according to your age, so that you stay healthy and fit at every age.

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Assess the weight with the right age:

In such a situation, it is very important to know about the right diet to stay healthy. Healthy is called the person who has height and weight balance according to his age. If it is not balancing, the person will not be called healthy. Nowadays it is seen that people see their weight gain without thinking anything and start exercising, which often causes problems.

Know BMI before knowing weight by height:

Know BMI before knowing how much weight should be in which length. BMI is the average of your body weight and length. This is a simple and special way to know weight. Through BMI you can know that body weight is less.

You can calculate the weight (kg) / (height x height) (in meters)) to remove BMI. For example, if your weight is 60 kg and the length is 5.8 feet i.e. 1.76784 meters. So you can remove BMI using the formula given above.
Here your BMI is 60 / (1.76 x 1.76) = 19.36.

Usually if your BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9 then you are healthy and if your BMI is 25 or more it means that you are overweight.

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Height and weight chart for women:


4’6”28.5 – 34.9
4’7”30.8 – 37.6
4’8”32.6 – 39.9
4’9”34.9 – 42.6
4’10”36.4 – 44.9
4’11”39 – 47.6
5’0”40.8 – 49.9
5’1”43.1 – 52.6
5’2”44.9 – 54.9
5’3”47.2 – 57.6
5’4”49 – 59.9
5’5”51.2 – 62.6
5’6”53 – 64.8
5’7”55.3 – 67.6
5’8”57.1 – 69.8
5’9”59.4 – 72.6
5’10”61.2 – 74.8
5’11”63.5 – 77.5
6’0”65.3 – 79.8

Height and weight chart for men

4’6”28.5 – 34.9
4’7”30.8 – 38.1
4’8”33.5 – 40.8
4’9”35.8 – 43.9
4’10”38.5 – 46.7
4’11”40.8 – 49.9
5’0”4.1 – 53
5’1”45.8 – 55.8
5’2”48.1 – 58.9
5’3”50.8 – 60.1
5’4”5.0 – 64.8
5’5”55.3 – 68
5’6”58 – 70.7
5’7”60.3 – 73.9
5’8”63 – 70.6
5’9”65.3 – 79.8
5’10”67.6 – 83
5’11”70.3 – 85.7
6’0”72.6 – 88.9

In the above list, you can see how your weight should be according to your gender and length. If you are a woman and your height is 4.10 feet, then the weight should be 43.5-48.5 kg. Similarly, if you are male and your height is 5.2 feet, then the weight should be between 52.8-58.5 kg.

So now you do not have to worry about anything, you can choose your gender according to the chart above and balance the weight according to height. If you have any problem in understanding the chart, you can lose weight through BMI.

Women and men have different weight:

The ideal weight depends on the sex, age, length, and body structure of the individual, such that the ideal weight varies between women and men .. In terms of sex, the weight of boys at the age of 16 While the weight should be between 50 and 60, the weight of girls should also be between 45-50 kg of age.

At the same time, the best standard for ideal weight is considered to be the person’s length, that is, the person whose length is more, whose weight should be more and whose weight is less should be less accordingly. For this, you need to know body mass index ie BMI level.

There will be ease in controlling diseases:

You must have known this very well that if you know the weight according to your height, then you can keep yourself away from diseases. Research has revealed that people living with the right knowledge of BSI have an easy way to fight diseases.

Knowing BSI, humans can get rid of diseases like blood pressure, cholesterol, hort problem, diabetes. Also, if this type of disease surrounds the body, then it can be easily controlled.

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